Wednesday, November 27, 2019


Why did you decide to pitch a story for Master Pieces?

My friend Scott told me about his idea for the Master Pieces anthology, and that set me trying to think of an idea to pitch. It wasn't until a while later that he told me no-one had submitted an Anthony Ainley story that I zeroed in on the idea of picking up where the character left off at the end of a great episode from the 1980s.

What are you most proud of about your story?

To be honest I'm proud just to have my story in the collection; it's only the third short story I've written, and I'm delighted it was accepted alongside the work of so many writers I very much admire.

Can you give us a little taster of what the readers can expect from your piece?

Mark of the Rani meets Heaven Sent.

How did you find the writing process?

I really enjoyed the writing process. It's not an original approach, but I focussed on the Master's survival instinct, and, to a lesser extent, his self-defeating nature in betraying everyone he allies himself with. I think the biggest challenge was in trying to capture the characters' voices.

Where else we can find your work?

You can hear me on The Trap One Podcast ( @TrapOne_) - with different co-hosts each episode talking about anything and everything from the worlds of Doctor Who. You can download any episode, no need to listen in order.

What’s your favourite Master story?

I love Roger Delgado's Master in The Claws of Axos; it's wonderful to see him have fun in a story where the Master isn't behind the invasion of Earth, and I love the scenes that give an insight into what it might have been like if the Master had been exiled to Earth forced to work with UNIT.

Who do you think should play the next Master and why?

I'd rather see more of Michelle Gomez, but if they do re-cast then I think Ruth Wilson would be a fantastic choice - a fantastic actor who can be suitably charming and sinister.

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