Eleanor's Tears (The Chronosmith Chronicles #2)

Eleanor's Tears: The Chronosmith Chronicles #2

by Kara Dennison

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On 21st century Earth, the Eleanor's Tears tea plantation has become the focal point of a potential extinction-level event. Stranded mere days from a cataclysmic event with no way off the planet, the Chronosmiths — Mordicai, Savalia, Kendo, and Tor Fasa — take it upon themselves to save the planet. 
Unbeknownst to them, they're not the only ones zeroing in on Eleanor's Tears. Time-travelling freelancer Tati Rhys has her eyes on a dangerous prize within the estate, and she has no intention of leaving without it. Meanwhile, the Department of Temporal Infractions is closing in to shut down the divergent timeline — and their chief, Isaac Edensh, believes the Chronosmiths are to blame for the incoming disaster. 
With time ticking down, unlikely truces will be made and dark secrets will be uncovered. At the centre of it all lies a forgotten story demanding to be told, and the Chronosmiths are determined that it finally be heard. 
Eleanor's Tears is the second novel in The Chronosmith Chronicles range from Altrix Books, following on from After Vincent (2020).


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