After Vincent (The Chronosmith Chronicles #1)

After Vincent: The Chronosmith Chronicles #1

by Paul Driscoll

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In 83rd century Humania on the refugee moon Kat A, a religion dedicated to the life and work of Vincent Van Gogh becomes the cover for an audacious art heist by newly installed High Priest, Theo Treeves.

The Chronosmiths, Tor Fasa, Kendo, Mordicai and Savalia, are assigned by the multi-species employment agency Aliens for Hire to investigate Treeves. Has he been breaking strict anti-time travel laws to acquire new originals to display in the Yellow Temple… can they catch him in the act… and just what is he hiding inside the mysterious Blackest of Blacks room?

Journeying across Vincent’s timeline, the Chronosmiths have their own agenda in play, one that could turn the Goghian faith upside down as they uncover the truth behind the myth and the man behind the paintings.


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