Monday, June 1, 2020

FROM OUR CREATORS: Travel to the City of the Saved with Kara Dennison

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Last year, six authors from Obverse Books were asked to pitch in on an anniversary project. The Sextet would unite six of the publisher's most popular lines in six novellas, each making up one part of a greater whole. The Sextet could be read in whole or in part, but — and perhaps we're a bit biased — they're best as a set.

The Sextet includes stories from the worlds of Iris Wildthyme, Señor 105, Faction Hollywood, Seaton Begg, the Manleigh Halt Irregulars, and the City of the Saved. Bringing up the rear in book 6, Vanishing Tales of the City, is our own co-creator and author Kara Dennison.

The short anthology tells six stories of loss in the City of the Saved: a galaxy-sized civilization at the end of our universe where all humans will eventually end up. In a place where every human is bound to go and anything lost can easily be "Remade," a person simply disappearing is unimaginable. But that's just what's happening, and the gaps are becoming more and more evident... until some familiar faces fall into the story.

All of the Sextet's previous stars find their way to the City, whether they're "allowed" there or not. Is it the most ambitious crossover ever? Maybe third or fourth... but you will get to see Señor 105 bodyslam a Faction member while Iris watches.

Vanishing Tales is technically a stand-alone read, but it works best if you've read the full Sextet. But why wouldn't you? There's a magical new Iris story by Nick Campbell, an epic Señor 105 adventure by Blair Bidmead, a set of Seaton Begg mysteries by Simon Bucher-Jones, a sentimental Manleigh Halt Irregulars story by Nick Wallace, and modern-day political intrigue with Faction Hollywood by Jonathan Dennis. Loose threads are waiting to be tied up in the City, and a certain evil force doesn't stay defeated for long.

Plus, supporting Obverse — much like supporting us here at Altrix — is a big boost for indie writers and publishers. Obverse is helping to promote lots of new talent with their various series, and the Sextet celebrates the characters you've come to know and love over the years.

In the meantime, if you'd like more from Kara, check out her essays in Army of Ghosts — and look forward to Eleanor's Tears, her first entry in The Chronosmith Chronicles.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Altrix Q&A: Where Are Our Books Available?

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One of the main questions we're asked — especially when a new book is out — is where our books are available... that is, by nation. We're currently not available in your local bookshop, but that's for another day.

In particular, we're asked: are our books available in the US and the UK? The answer is yes... and anywhere else Amazon serves!

As a team working on opposite sides of the Atlantic, we're understandably both keen to have our work easily accessible to people near us. And considering the state of shipping (and the fact that we have lost our share of packages over the ocean), we wanted to make sure that there were as few issues with getting books to you as possible.

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In short, yes, we are available to ship within your country. The longer answer is that we don't actually do anything special to make that happen — we just change the sales links to "" for the US, and "" for the UK. Which means that if you're not in either of those places, you can alter the URL to match your country of origin and make your life much easier.

What about digital copies? Well, those go everywhere, obviously: no shipping and instant gratification! However, the system is slightly different for our charity anthologies. If you're picking up one of our limited-run charity books, like the previously-published Unearthed or Master Pieces, the ebook edition will come to you from us. That means rather than an instant download, you'll get it from us in an email. If it's been more than a couple days if you've heard nothing, please get in touch to make sure you've not slipped through the cracks. But if it's only been an hour or two, we're on our way to you!

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Speaking of charity publications: we do not keep charity books available beyond a certain specified date. This is both so we can have a final tally of funds for the charity in question, and out of respect to both copyright holders and writers who gave of their work freely. Once a charity book goes out of print, the stories revert to their respective authors; and it's their decision from there what happens to them. Some may share them freely, others may adapt and re-publish them elsewhere, and others still may opt to keep them special to the anthology.

The short version is: if an author you like is in one of our charity books, be sure to grab a copy while you can! After that, it is entirely up to them what happens to the story.

If you have any questions you'd like us to answer — serious or frivolous — feel free to tweet us @AltrixBooks or look us up on Facebook. We're always happy to hear from you!

Monday, April 20, 2020


Van Gogh - The Lovers: The Poet's Garden IV 1888 -

Paul Driscoll's After Vincent is filled with the works of Vincent van Gogh, from his iconic Starry Night to his less-known Poet's Garden and skeletal self-portrait. If you're not familiar with Vincent's broader body of work, it's a great way to learn about them... though the involvement of Mordicai, Savalia, and the rest are not necessarily what you'll see in history books!

Paul worked many of these pieces into After Vincent, in which our heroes travel back in time to meet the artist and forward in time to learn about the Goghians — the religion founded around the artist's life. How many will you spot along the way?

You can pick up a copy now, either in paperback or digital, and make the journey yourself. You can also get a taste of the book, as well as some of the art that features in the narrative, in this collection of extracts. Peruse lines from the story paired off with some of Vincent's works!

Also, keep an eye on the blog — news on Eleanor's Tears, the second outing for the Chronosmiths, is on its way!

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

New Book Announcement: Army of Ghosts

Altrix Books is delighted to announce that the critical essay collection Army of Ghosts will shortly be available to purchase from Amazon. 

Covering over forty Doctor Who adventures from Hartnell to Capaldi, the essays explore those stories that tend to get lost in the crowd. Between the renowned and the notorious lie plenty of undervalued treasures in the Doctor Who canon. Our ten writers consider the reasons behind their obscurity and whether or not they worth revisiting again.

Writers include Martin Ruddock (Doctor Who Magazine, SHiNDiG!), Kara Dennison (The Black Archive, Crunchyroll), Paul Driscoll (The Black Archive, WhatCulture), Matt Nida, David Cromarty, Steven B, Richard O’Hagan, Tom Marshall, Jim Hall and Tony Green.

Includes a bonus section on such official curios as Dimensions in Time, The Curse of Fatal Death, The Pertwee Radio Plays, Shada in its various incarnations, The BBCi webcasts, The Infinite Quest/Dreamland, and the video games Destiny of the Doctors and Lego Dimensions.

Foreword by the editor of Obverse Books’ Black Archive series, Philip Purser-Hallard.

Cover illustration by Sophie Iles (Big Finish, Doctor Who Magazine).

The book was originally conceived and commissioned by JR Southall (Watching Books) as a follow up volume to Hating to Love (Watching Books) which explored those stories often considered the worst. A revised edition of Hating to Love and a third volume – Stitches in Time, covering the most groundbreaking Doctor Who stories, will be released at a future date.

The collection is dedicated to Kenny Davidson, a fellow fan and admin of the Book of Fab Facebook group who tragically died last year. In Kenny’s memory, a proportion of the proceeds will be going to The Meningitis Foundations.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

The Chronosmith Chronicles: A Primer Before AFTER VINCENT

As far as we're concerned, you won't have to do anything special to dive straight into the first book of The Chronosmith Chronicles. With After Vincent, Paul Driscoll introduces the team of four to a new readership — which is just about everyone! — and a new universe.

But just in case you'd like a jump start on the series, here are a few places to get started.

Who Are the Chronosmiths?

Hailing from the planet of Percusia, the four Chronosmiths were swept into our universe on the Time Winds in their time machine, the Hexachron. But in the 83rd century Humanian settlement of Kat A, things are very different from back home. For starters, time travel is heavily regulated, and their brand of heroics is frowned upon. But that's not the only difference between our universe and theirs...

Check out previous posts to learn about the team:

Tor Fasa: With his mysterious connection to the Altrix and a repository of super powers yet to be explored, he is the most mysterious of the Chronosmiths.

Kendo: The "face" of the Chronosmiths, a retired politician with big ideas and a love of the upper hand... both of which hide a constant hum of anxiety.

Savalia: The soldier-poet. A war hero with an artistic soul, a keen eye, and a tendency to shoot first (whether she'll ask questions later is variable).

Mordicai: The engineer. He takes pride in his knowledge, creates clever invention, and is overall smarter than he acts... partly because he'd almost have to be.

The Hexachron: The "fifth Chronosmith," the quartet's time machine is much more an active hand in their adventures than they often realize.

What is After Vincent?

The Chronosmiths' adventures in our universe begin with a visit to legendary artist Vincent van Gogh. In the 83rd century, Vincent is worshiped as a god — but there is unrest among the Goghians as a new leader begins changing things. Though initially in the employ of Aliens for Hire, the Chronosmiths change plans: directing their attention to the true story of Vincent, in danger of becoming even more lost under the legends, if not changed forever.

What's next?

green field

From an artist worshiped as a god to a skeleton in a family's closet — Eleanor's Tears by Kara Dennison will see the Chronosmiths encountering a ghost, an intergalactic freelancer, and the people whose job it actually is to keep the timeline tidy. Keep an eye on this site and our social media for news on this and the rest of the books in the series.

Get your copy of After Vincent!

Sunday, March 8, 2020


The Hexachron is taking off at last!

The Chronosmith Chronicles #1: After Vincent is now available to buy from Amazon. The book, written by Altrix co-founder Paul Driscoll, kicks off a new series of adventures for Savalia, Mordicai, Kendo, and Tor Fasa. Last seen in Season of War: Gallifrey, the characters are entering a new universe with a new history, new methods of time travel, and a whole new set of rules for would-be heroes.

Interested news and review sites can email to inquire about a review copy and/or press packet.

>> Interview with Paul Driscoll
>> Purchase After Vincent

Keep an eye on our blog and social media for news on future books in The Chronosmith Chronicles. Book 2, Eleanor's Tears by Kara Dennison, is next in line.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

THE CHRONOSMITH CHRONICLES: 6 Facts about the Hexachron

The Chronosmith Chronicles will be reintroducing characters from one of our past charity novels in a whole new universe, as well as bringing in brand-new characters for both the long and short haul. But there's one more name to commit to memory: the Hexachron!

Time travel takes many forms in the new series, from actual crafts to personal devices, from stolen tech to science projects. But the Hexachron is a good old-fashioned space and time ship, with her own quirks. She may seem similar to certain other crafts, but there's plenty that sets her apart.

You'll witness the Hexachron in action in the upcoming After Vincent, but here are a few things to know to tide you over:

1. The "Hex" of "Hexachron" refers to the shape.

turned-on chandelier

The Chronosmiths' craft consistently has six sides inside and out, and is the size of a small hall. In other words, not infinite, but not a simple four-seater, either.

That's also why you'll see a hexagonal shape in the Chronosmith Chronicles logo: a reference to their ride.

2. There's nothing else in the universe like it.

snow covered mountain with aurora borealis

Well, not in this universe, at least. You'll see time travel devices of all shapes and sizes other than the Hexachron, but they all have a common origin. What it is, you'll have to wait and see... but it's completely alien (as it were) to the Chronosmiths.

3. There's (allegedly) a prison on board.

black window frame on dim light

What do the Chronosmiths need with a prison? We'll hopefully never have to find out. (Or maybe we hopefully will...)

4. It looks a bit like home.

grayscale photo of round stadium

Amongst the Hexachron's highly-customizable dimensions, there are at least two that are copied directly from the Chronosmiths' home planet. One is the main console room, which looks like the outdoor theatre where two of our heroes would meet regularly. The other, you'll have to wait and find out for yourself.

5. She's the "fifth Chronosmith."

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We know our lineup is Mordicai, Savalia, Kendo, and Tor Fasa. But the Hexachron is just as much a part of the team. This is most evident to Mordicai — and while it can sometimes seem he's personifying her a bit more than is valid, there are some times when it's all but undeniable.

6. There are things about her even the Chronosmiths don't know.

open door beside white paint wall

You should probably know everything possible about your ride before getting in, but even the Chronosmiths' beloved Hexachron is hiding a few secrets. Readers may become privy to a few of them even before our heroes!

The first book of the series, After Vincent, will go on sale soon. How will the Chronosmiths and their Hexachron fare in a world where time travel is regulated and vigilantes need a license? Find out soon — keep an eye on the blog and our social media for announcements!