Sunday, September 27, 2020

Dehibernating: Meet the Guinea Pigs of Altrix

 The world is just a little bit weird out there, and it's been affecting everyone... publishers included. From deadline changes to printing concerns, we're all feeling it to some degree. We appreciate your patience with us, and your other favourite writers and indie publishers, during this time.

We're lined up to launch some more things soon — both Paul and Kara working with publishers, and getting back in the saddle ourselves. We and are family are all well, and hope yours are, too.

In the meantime, however, there is an important point to address: that is, the preponderance of guinea pigs here at Altrix.

Overseeing our work at basically all times are these little (and less little) lads: two in the U.S., two in the U.K. Guinea pigs make for harsh, but fair, and overseers. They are never quiet when they have an opinion, but they can be paid off with greens if things get hairy.

The two above belong to Kara: HiFi (black) and Espresso (brown). They are the sole current members of Kara's long-running herd — she's been a guinea pig owner for 20 years.

And here are their U.K. counterparts: Pip (light) and Scruff (dark). These two live with Paul, and get plenty of attention from the family as a whole. They like to perch on couch arms and people, and will happily offer enthusiastic critique from any of these perches.

You will not be dealing with any of them on the customer end, though. Paul and Kara are still firmly in control of Altrix... probably. Provided we have enough kale on hand.