Sunday, October 31, 2021

State of the Altrix: November 2021



You may have noticed a degree of silence from us for a while — we assure you, it's nothing to do with Altrix itself. We're alive and well, and as things stand, hopefully ready to push forward at full speed again.

It's Kara at the wheel today. Some of you may know this via social media already. My grandfather and adoptive father, Charlie Husson, passed in early September. The months prior to that were spent dealing with various end-of-life stages. And the weeks since then have been spent dealing not only with the obvious grief, but also legal and financial tie-ups.

I'd like to thank everyone for their patience during this time, as my family helps to get each other back on track. It's been a longer process than I'd like, and Altrix is (unfortunately) not the only thing in my life affected. Big thanks also to Paul for keeping things afloat while I've been in and out of commission, especially the release of the very good Master Switches.

A lot of things are up in the air, but as I get my feet back under me in the coming days, a few quick notes:

  • Shadow of the Gallifreyan is still being worked on (I will be hopping in to read through the pitches along with Paul shortly) - please keep an eye out for more information on this
  • Master Switches is still available - thanks to everyone who's already bought a copy!
  • We've got other irons in the fire as well, and with both of us in commission, things should be ticking over again shortly

Thanks again for everyone's understanding, and for your continued support of Altrix. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Shadow of the Gallifreyan - Extended Deadlines


Over the last few weeks we have been reserving story slots for our next Doctor Who charity anthology - The Shadow of the Gallifreyan (in aid of Shelter). We have been delighted by the response so far. Some writers have even sent in completed first drafts, and others have come up with some truly outstanding and original pitches for their chosen stories.

Although we will not be editing submissions until early in the new year, anyone who contacted us before the 30th September deadline should have heard back from us by now. Do get in touch if you think we've missed something from you.

There are still a number of slots to fill, so we are extending the deadline for reserving stories to 31st October. Importantly, we'd like to see a brief proposal for each story before we can give the final green light.

The list of stories that have already been taken and are therefore no longer available is here - list of reserved stories

Initially we limited story reservations to three per writer, but we are now giving you the opportunity to write up to four pieces. If you have already reserved your three stories and would like to pitch for another please do!

For more details about the anthology and what we are looking for see our updated announcement here

The most popular Doctors so far have been the seventh and the twelfth Doctors, but although some of the others are lagging behind we've had a fairly balanced mix of pitches from across every era of the series. 

In order to allow more time for pitches to come in, we are also extending the deadline for first drafts from all writers to the 1st March 2022.

Paul and Kara.