Master Switches (Charity Anthology)


Master Switches: Further Misadventures in Space and Time

Edited by Paul Driscoll

Buy paperback (UK): £12.21

(Available in other regions - visit Amazon and search "Master Switches" for non-US/UK regions.)

After a series of adventures without the Doctor (Master Pieces), the many incarnations of the Master are back to doing what they do best; scheming to bring down their greatest adversary. The proverbial thorn in the side has made a hobby out of thwarting the Master's plans for universal domination. But even the Doctor can't always be the hero, the victor, and the star. Sometimes, the Master must take the Doctor's place... 

Master Switches is an unofficial charity anthology from Altrix Books, written in aid of The Stroke Association.

Featuring stories by Jon Arnold, Andrew Blair, Kara Dennison, Paul Driscoll, Kenton Hall, Stephen Hatcher, Paul Hiscock, Matthew Kresal, Gary J Mack, Greg Maughan, Iain McLaughlin, Ellen Montgomery, Nathan Mullins, Gerard Power, Rachel Redhead, Graham Tedesco-Blair and Joshua Wanisko. Cover illustration and design by Ginger Hoesly.


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