Army of Ghosts: Essays on Doctor Who's Sometimes Forgotten Stories

Edited by Paul Driscoll

Buy paperback (UK): £14.99

"Not just the old favourites, eh?"

Hidden between the infamous and the renowned, a number of Doctor Who adventures lie forgotten and lost in the crowd. This new collection of essays, covering almost every era of the series, brings some of them back to life. We ask why they were buried in the first place and what (if anything) makes them worth revisiting today. Also included is a bonus section on such curios as the Pertwee Radio Plays, Dimensions in Time, The Curse of Fatal Death, the BBCi webcasts, The Infinite Quest/Dreamland, Destiny of the Doctors/Lego Dimensions, and the various versions of Shada

Featuring essays by:

David Cromarty
Jim Hall
Kara Dennison
Martin Ruddock
Matt Nida
Paul Driscoll
Richard O'Hagan
Steven B
Tom Marshall
Tony Green
Foreword by Philip Purser-Hallard


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