Monday, February 15, 2021

Happy Valentine's Week! Are you caught up on our books?


We hope you all had a great Valentine's Day weekend, no matter where you spent it or who with. Which reminds us... are you caught up to our own time-travelling romantic couple?

We've got a new release coming this spring (more on that to come!), but for now we're looking back at Savalia and Mordicai, two of the four leads in The Chronosmith Chronicles. They've been on two adventures so far — Paul Driscoll's After Vincent and Kara Dennison's Eleanor's Tears, but they've already been through a lot. In the former, they spend years together outside the Hexachron, meeting certain historical figures and becoming closer to each other. In the latter, their relationship is both strengthened and strained as they butt heads over how to handle a certain paranormal threat.

More books are on the way in the Chronosmith Chronicles series, the third coming from Black Archive writer Jon Arnold.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our first scholarly anthology, Army of Ghosts. In this collection, we address some of the less-talked-about stories of Doctor Who. From recent stories that simply get passed over, to literal lost stories and games, we give them their due in a series of critical essays.

All of these books — both entries in The Chronosmith Chronicles so far, and Army of Ghosts — are always available from us. While our charity anthologies are only available for a limited time, these aren't going anywhere. So be sure to grab copies and enjoy!

And if you do enjoy, make sure to leave us reviews on Amazon, GoodReads, or wherever you post books reviews!