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Paul Driscoll

Paul Driscoll is based in Leigh in Greater Manchester, UK. He is a proud Dad to six children, aged from 22 to 3. In 2015 he gave up a long term career in the charity and voluntary sector to concentrate on writing, editorial work and selling cult film and television merchandise (Mined the Gap). He is also a feature writer for fan site Doctor Who Worldwide, and What Culture. Writing credits include:

The God Complex, The Black Archive #9 (Obverse Books, 2017).
Doctor Who (1996), The Black Archive #25 (Obverse Books, due November 2018).

You and Who (Miwk Publishing, 2012)
You and Who Contact Has Been Made (vol 1) (Miwk Publishing, 2013): ‘The Brain of Morbius’.
You and Who Contact Has Been Made (vol 2) (Miwk Publishing, 2013): ‘The Third Doctor’, ‘The God Complex’.
Volunteering and Giving Back (Chicken Soup for the Soul, 2015): ‘You Can’t Save Souls in Shiny Shoes.’
You and Who Else (Watching Books, 2015): ‘Catweazle’.
Blake’s Heaven (Watching Books, 2015): ‘Redemption’.
You and 42: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Douglas Adams (Who Dares Publishing): ‘All Snuggled up but Ready to Run: Doctor Snuggles’, ‘Is There a Place for Theology in the Multiverse: The South Bank Show 5th January 1992’.

Seasons of War (Chinbeard Books, 2016): ‘The Time Lord Who Came to Tea’, ‘Storage Wars’.
A Clockwork Iris (Obverse Books, 2017): ‘The Story Sorters’.
Nine Lives (Red Ted Books, 2017): ‘Curse of the Time Lords’.
Time Shadows: Second Nature (Pseudoscope Books, 2018): ‘The Planet of the Doctor’.
Children of Time: The Companions of Doctor Who (Kozmic Press, 2018): ‘Goodbye, Impossible Girl.’

The Doctor Who Book Guide (Long Scarf Books, 2015).
A Time Lord For Change (Chinbeard Books, 2017).
The Unofficial Doctor Who Limerick Book (Long Scarf Books, 2017).
Whoblique Strategies (Chinbeard Books, 2018).

Kara Dennison

Kara Dennison is a writer, editor, presenter, and overanalyser of geek media hailing from Virginia. She is a regular news and features writer for Crunchyroll, Fanbyte, and Otaku USA, with credits at Mashable, Viewster, and We Are Cult. Together with artist Ginger Hoesly, she is the co-creator of the Owl's Flower light novel series.

Kara's work also branches into anime and game editing, and she has served as lead editor on localizations of Mazinger Z, Devilman, Higurashi When They Cry, and many more.

Writing credits include:

Owl's Flower #1 (2016).
Ghost Fall (Owl's Flower #2) (2017).
Heaven Sent, The Black Archive #21 (Obverse Books, 2018).
Vanishing Tales of the City (Obverse Books, Coming October 2019).

You and 42: The Hitchhiker's Guide to Douglas Adams (Watching Books): 'I Very Nearly Died: A Beginner's Guide to Doctor Who (Shada)'
You and Who: Contact Has Been Made (Watching Books): 'Cold War'.
You and Who Else (Watching Books): 'Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes'.

Associates of Sherlock Holmes (Titan Books): 'Page Turners'.
The City of the Saved: Tales of the Civil War (Obverse Books): 'The Tale of Sir Hedwyn'.
The City of the Saved: Stranger Tales of the City (Obverse Books): 'Wandering Child'.
Mild Curiosities: 'Touch the Stars'.
My American Nightmare (Azzura Nox): 'Billson'.
Nine Lives (Red Ted Books): 'Dark Media'.
The Perennial Miss Wildthyme (Obverse Books): 'Dolores Smith and the Birthday Bear'.
Ride the Star Wind (Broken Eye Books): 'Canary Down'.
Sockhops & Seances (18th Wall): 'Son of the Wolf'.
A Target for Tommy (Obverse Books): 'Doctor Who and the Viking'.
Unearthed (Altrix Books): 'Kill the Cat'.
Whoblique Strategies (Chinbeard Books, 2018).


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