Sunday, January 26, 2020


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Time is almost up! We're closing submissions for Master Switches, the follow-up to charity anthology Master Pieces, this Friday, January 31.

Check out the submission guidelines for a full briefing on the types of stories we're looking for. In short, where Master Pieces brought us stories of the Master on their own, Master Switches will bring the Doctor into the mix on the back foot.

In our first book, we examined what the Master does when the Doctor is away. Now, we want to know how the Doctor has inadvertently assisted them in their machinations. Like Master Pieces, the Master reigns supreme; unlike Master Pieces, the hero is now in the mix.

A full brief is given in the pitch materials, which you can find linked in the submission guidelines. But a few quick notes:

- Pairing Doctors and Masters from different eras is both allowed and encouraged.

- No multi-Doctor or multi-Master stories.

- Original Masters are allowed, but no original Doctors.

- Doctors and Masters up until the end of Series 10 era will be considered. We will not be publishing material featuring Doctor or Master appearances from Series 11 onward.

Reading Master Pieces is not required to take part in Master Switches; however, should you be interested, copies are now available. You can always pick up a digital copy if you want to read it quickly before you pitch!

Thanks to everyone who's responded so far, and we look forward to seeing what else comes in this week!

Monday, January 20, 2020

On the Black Archive

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If you've been following Altrix Books for a while, you'll know that both Paul and Kara have had the pleasure of working on Obverse Books's Black Archive line. For those unfamiliar, The Black Archive is a line of scholarly and critical works tackling individual Doctor Who stories from all eras of its run. The series has received praise from Doctor Who Magazine, Sci-Fi Bulletin, and many other places.

We're pleased to announce that our own Paul Driscoll has been brought on as an editor for the line! What that means for Altrix is... that we're very proud and looking forward to his work on it. While it's a big undertaking, it's not one that's going to upset the Altrix flow.

When The Black Archive started out, the intent was to have a book come out every few months. Philip Purser-Hallard headed up the line solo, in addition to putting out some installments of his own. Paul Simpson was brought on board to assist, and in turn the publishing schedule ramped up considerably. There are now nearly 40 titles out, with 50 and beyond already planned out into 2021.

Paul Driscoll has contributed Black Archives on The God Complex and the 1996 TV Movie, as well as a take on Stranger Things season 1 for the Black Archive's sister line. Readers following the beginning of The Chronosmith Chronicles won't be surprised to hear that, in addition to his new editorial status, Paul will be contributing another installment on Vincent and the Doctor in future.

If somehow our readers haven't delved into The Black Archive (and something tells us it would be of interest to you), now is a good time! Check out their back catalogue and pick something out to enjoy!

Monday, January 6, 2020

STATE OF THE ALTRIX: A New Celestial Toyroom Annual, Sextet, and More!

Thank you to everyone who's currently enjoying our Master Pieces! If you've not picked your copy up yet, may we suggest that now is a perfect time to do so? Physical and digital copies are currently available, so you can hold it in your hands or start reading right away.

Speaking of reading right away, the 2020 Celestial Toyroom Annual is now available to download free from the Doctor Who Appreciation Society! This year's annual is focused up on Third Doctor Jon Pertwee, featuring reviews of each of his stories and a foreword by Katy Manning. Look for a review of "The Green Death" by Paul and Kara, and look-ins from other friends and associates of Altrix!

The Obverse Books anniversary sextet is also out in its entirety! The Sextet features works by Nick Campbell, Blair Bidmead, Nick Wallace, Simon Bucher-Jones, Jonathan Dennis, and our own Kara Dennison. Celebrate a decade of Obverse's most beloved characters. Books can be purchased individually or in a lovely set (with matching covers by Cody Schell).

Finally, don't forget we currently have two open calls!

The call for You Goes for the Remote is ongoing (at least for the time being). We want your essays on your interaction with your favorite British TV shows. If you've read the You and Who series and other related books, you know what to expect. Paul and Kara are editing the book in association with Watching Books, and we'd love to see what you have to say! Find out more here.

We're also still open for pitches for Master Switches, the upcoming sequel to Master Pieces. The new charity anthology will once again be raising funds for the Stroke Association — but this time, we invite you to mix and match Doctors and Masters to bring us devilish stories of the times our hero inadvertently helped his nemesis get a win. Pitches must be submitted by 31 January, so be sure to get them in!