Shadow of the Gallifreyan, Book 1 (Charity Anthology)


Shadow of the Gallifreyan, Book One

Edited by Paul Driscoll & Kara Dennison

Buy paperback (UK): £14.99

(Available in other regions - visit Amazon and search "Shadow of the Gallifreyan" for non-US/UK regions.)

‘The Doctor can make heroes of us all’.

In the far distant future a team of post-human researchers are looking for evidence of the Doctor’s existence. These are their findings, a collection of documents and stories relating to the Time Lord’s many adventures across time and space. They provide a record of what happened next to those who encountered them, the lasting impressions the Doctor made on their lives whether good, bad or indifferent. Often the Doctor is gone without a trace, but their shadow looms large over those who are left behind to pick up the pieces and move on.

This is an unofficial anthology from Altrix Books, written in aid of Shelter and edited by Paul Driscoll and Kara Dennison. 

Featuring stories by Abdel Bedair, Andrew Blair, Andrew Davis, Andrew Hsieh, Brendan O’Shea, Callum Phillpott, Charles Martin, Charles Murphy, Chris Hawton, Chris Kocher, Chris McAuley, Chris Thomas, Christa Mactire, Christopher Bryant, Christopher Stone, Claudia Christian, Dewi Small, Don Klees, Elizabeth Allen, Evan Jones, Gary Mack, Gladys Spume, Greg Maughan, Heather McHale, Ian Wheeler, Isabel Pelech, Jackie Green, James Baldock, James Hornby, James McGrath, James Mulholland, Jenny Shirt, Jerry Snook, Jon Arnold, Kara Dennison, Kenton Hall, Kyle Borcz, Lee Rawlings, M.A Reid-Lobatto, Madeline Wahl, Matthew Kresal, Max Conley, Michael Collins, Michael Crouch, Mike Morgan, Nathan Mullins, Ned Netherwood, Paul Briscoe, Paul Burns, Paul Driscoll, Paul Hiscock, Peter Shaw, Philip Bates, Rachel Redhead, Rob Nisbet, Robert Cumming, Rob Murlis, Ross Hamilton, Ryan Bradley, Sean Dillon, Simon Brett, Stephen Hatcher, Thomas Beech, Trina Eke, Vince Stadon.


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