Monday, December 2, 2019


With the official announcement of The Chronosmith Chronicles out in the world, it's time to re-introduce our last returning player. We've met Mordicai the engineer, Savalia the soldier-poet, and Kendo the politician. All that's left is Tor Fasa; and of course, we've left the most complicated for last.

Who — or what — is Tor Fasa? In his life before the events of The Chronosmith Chronicles, he was a scholar and a pacifist. His methods were, however, a bit on the unorthodox side. Through connections in high and low places, he brought together the group we'll be following. He was indirectly responsible for Mordicai and Savalia meeting, and pulled strings to help Kendo gain certain favors in government... though what she did when she got there ended up being somewhat outside his control.

The Chronosmiths' arrival in our universe on the Time Winds has left him with what one might term "superpowers"... though what they are remains to be seen. He uses them sparingly, if at all, and they aren't always as helpful as one would hope. The one he turns to regularly is his access to the Altrix: the databank of the Chronosmiths' ship, containing truths of the universe. Though these truths don't always play out as they should.

Fasa holds the Chronosmiths to their mission by way of the Altrix... though what exactly that mission is, and how he does it, you'll have to find out on your own. As it happens, our heroes are still working that out for themselves, too.

Fasa is possibly the most enigmatic of the four Chronosmiths, with secrets about his past even he doesn't know. From the scar on his face to the dark corners of his own memories, there are some truths even our heroes may not be able to shed light on.


Cover art and design is currently underway on book 1 of The Chronosmith Chronicles, After Vincent by Paul Driscoll. Book 2, Eleanor's Tears by Kara Dennison, will be entering the editing phase this month.


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