Monday, December 16, 2019

THE CHRONOSMITH CHRONICLES: Read Works from Our Year 1 Writers!

We're gearing up to bring you announcements about our first book in The Chronosmith Chronicles, After Vincent, very soon. (And, for that matter, the others as well!) In the meantime, we'd like to direct you to the works of the writers in year 1 — partly so you can get to know them, partly to give you some quality reading material between now and kickoff!

Paul Driscoll

Co-Creator, Author of After Vincent and Sceptre of the Innocents

Fans of the Black Archive series from Obverse Books are in luck, as Paul has a double dose of writing for them! You can pick up his take on 11-era story The God Complex, or celebrate 25 publications from the book series with his analysis of the 1996 TV movie (complete with polls and number-crunching).

If you'd like some online reading, keep an eye on his contributions over at WhatCulture!

Kara Dennison

Co-Creator, Author of Eleanor's Tears and The Hummingbird Conspiracy

Kara just so happens to have a book coming out as we speak! She's bringing things home for Obverse's anniversary Sextet series with Vanishing Tales of the City, a City of the Saved anthology that includes appearances from Iris Wildthyme, Señor 105, and more characters from your favorite Obverse lines.

For online reads, follow her over on Crunchyroll, where she's a regular news and features writer.

Jon Arnold

Author of Art of History

Jon has also had a hand in the Black Archive — in fact, his entry kicked it off! Pick up his book on Rose from Obverse Books.

Additionally, he was co-curator of the wonderful Me and the Starman from Chinbeard Books, a fantastic read for Bowie fans.

M.H. Norris

Author of The Importance of Glass Slippers

M.H. has an impressive background of original and charity works, among them curation of the anthology All the Petty Myths for 18th Wall. 

Speaking of 18th Wall, she also writes the weekly column If Walls Could Talk for their blog. Topics include favorite shows, the ups and downs of writing, and research tips for oft-misrepresented concepts.

We'll be showing off more work from our contributors regularly on our Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to keep an eye out! And, of course, we'll have more on the Chronosmiths as it happens.


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