Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Why did you decide to pitch for Master Pieces?

Pitching a Master story was an opportunity that I didn't want to miss! My pitch was around when the Master Pieces book was in the hands of Scott Claringbold, so it has gestated like some horrible alien during this time - hopefully emerging as something much more pleasant! Writing a Time Lord tale for someone other than the Doctor was a great way to explore different facets of the Master's character. That said, the way he's presented here is somewhat different from the norm, so writing him as out-and-out evil wasn't really accomplished. The title of my story refers both to his situation, and to his personality. So if the Master isn't the villain of the piece, then someone... something else had to be! Baddies and monsters - we love 'em!

What are you most proud of about your story?

The fact that it presents us with new sides to the Master, and that it segues nicely into established continuity. Oh, and the baddies are nasty critters, too!

What can the reader expect from your piece?

The unfamiliar is familiar, or vice versa. Expect the unexpected (as Tiger Ninestein said). And there are big guns involved, as well as big changes! The Master finds himself on a new world. One that he seemingly recognises! It's different, though. He is, too. His health deteriorates, whilst something else's improves. Danger abounds! The genre is military/base-under-siege/action (with the obvious, necessary sci-fi bits!). Favourite quote: "I am the Master...!" (Sorry!)

How did you find the writing process?

The process of coming up with the story was easy, luckily. The refinement and editing was testing, but I'm grateful for the help. The character in my story necessitated a rethink - his dilemma created fresh insights, all the while drawing on what made him so bad in the first place. All in all, I enjoyed creating this small slice of the Whoniverse, In this case though, the Masterverse, surely? (He wouldn't have it any other way!) As the Master himself faces a challenge or two in the tale, the only one I faced (considerably smaller and less dangerous than his) was trying something new within the onscreen continuity. On TV, the War Doctor came along, fitting in between stories, and this was fun to slot in, too (although I'm not meaning to compare the two, oh no!). To think, I originally envisioned an Inferno-type story, but decided to go down a slightly different route, and I'm glad I did!

Where else can we find your work?

I also penned a story for Altrix's Unearthed anthology; a Doctor Who story for Unbound, another recent anthology; I contributed to Scott Claringbold's Relics book; wrote The Ghost of Big Ben (a Fourth Doctor story set in World War 2, but now unavailable), and have some UNIT-related work coming out in the near future!

What is your favourite Master story?

That's difficult to pinpoint, but I will go for Roger Delgado's first story; Terror of the Autons, as he was, in my mind, the best Master. Also, the reveal in Utopia is a great moment! So many wonderful portrayals! Of course, who can forget Eric Roberts in the TV movie?

Who would you like to see cast as the next Master?

Charles Dance gets my vote! Apparently, he very nearly took on the role. Maybe he still could? Another choice, perhaps slightly left-field: Sean Pertwee! Now, that would be fantastic!

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