Friday, November 15, 2019


Why did you decide to pitch a story for Master Pieces?

Way back in the deeply deep echoes of time way before I was a member of Outpost Gallifrey, I was a member of a yahoo group and we started a loose collective of fan fic writers, me being one to diversify myself I was soon creating my own interpretation of existing characters, one of which was a version of the Master that I based very loosely on Al Pacino in Scarface, who travelled with a human companion (he was going through a phase) and her name was Judy Collins.  I’ve since developed Judy into an original sci-fantasy universe of her own, but when I heard about this collection I felt it was time to bring the band back together again, this is Judy Collins almost day one, dazzled by crime and science.  I wanted to write a heist story which isn’t something I’d normally do, so I hope I’ve done the genre justice.


What are you most proud of about your story?

I wanted to write a story where the Master is at his best when he’s being his worst.  I also wanted to give him a win, too often he loses and I wanted to redress the balance.


Can you give us a little taster of what the readers can expect from your piece?

It’s a heist, with a vastly over-budget marketing department, and a body count. 


How did you find the writing process?

The writing was fun and it was good to work with a strong editorial team, to bring the very best out of my story.  I think we found the perfect pitch for it, that mixes my love of comedy asides with the scalpel sharpness needed to do the Master full justice.


Where else we can find your work?

All my books are published through lulu. I’m also on Amazon.

I’ve just released a collection of stories, The Adventures of Penny Dreadful, which features cameos by the second iteration of Judy Collins and that book leads into Judy Collins: Social Justice Twister which introduces the new iteration of Judy (she’s a lot more political and less stabby), I’m on editing that book atm.  I’ve also written half of the first draft of Anna Sinclair: The Evil Dad.  Finally, I’m preparing to write a collection of short stories for NaNoWriMo in November.


What’s your favourite Master story?

I’m going to go with World Enough and Time/The Doctor Falls, as we see the Master literally in two minds, Round-Face and Lady-Version are at their best and worst together as they play, plot and scheme and backstab (literally at one point) with each other and the Doctor, though in the end the Master brings out the worst in themselves, their selfishness and nastiness being their undoings.

Who do you think should play the next Master and why?

I’d like to see someone with serious acting chops play a nasty brutal version of the Master, with less of the crazy and more of the crime, but still that half-sneer of inhumanity that the greatest crime lord of them should wear, when things are going their way.  Claire Foy maybe, or Idris Elba, someone with a powerful physicality.


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