Monday, November 18, 2019

ANNOUNCEMENT: Chronosmith Chronicles Logo, Titles, and Authors for Year 1

The Chronosmiths are on their way!

We're pleased to bring you the very first look at the upcoming Chronosmith Chronicles, the first novel series from Altrix Books. Headed up by Paul Driscoll and Kara Dennison, the series's first year will consist of six novels, introducing readers to the new universe into which our characters have arrived.

The Chronosmiths — the scholar Tor Fasa, the engineer Mordicai, the politician Kendo, and the soldier-poet Savalia — have been swept away from their home planet of Percusia into an entirely new universe. Here, time travel is heavily regulated: world-saving capers are given out on commission, and rogue adventurers carry bounties on their heads. If the Chronosmiths want to continue their mission to set history right and complete Tor Fasa's all-knowing Altrix, they'll either have to play by the rules or prepare to run. But the most fearsome part of this new universe may well be what's followed them from the old one...

The series will introduce a whole new world of people, places, and alien races. The Chronosmiths will work with (and occasionally in spite of) the offices of Aliens for Hire, face off against the revenge-driven Time Riders, and cross paths with rogue trans-temporal freelancer Tati Rhys. Their adventures will take them across time and space. From the darkest days of Vincent Van Gogh to a political utopia awaiting its own downfall; from stories of fairy tale princesses to machinations of vengeful spirits. The Chronosmiths have come to fix history in their own very particular way: by finding the truth of this universe's story.

The first run of Chronosmith Chronicles will consist of six books:

After Vincent by Paul Driscoll
Eleanor's Tears by Kara Dennison
Art of History by Jon Arnold
The Importance of Glass Slippers by M.H. Norris
Sceptre of the Innocents by Paul Driscoll
The Hummingbird Conspiracy by Kara Dennison

Driscoll and Dennison will oversee the line. Cover art and design (including the logo seen above) will be handled by Ginger Hoesly, who has provided the cover art and design for Seasons of War: Gallifrey, Unearthed, and Master Pieces.

Jon Arnold (Art of History) is the author of three Black Archives for Obverse, co-edited the Me and the Starman anthology and regularly contributes to the We Are Cult website. His latest short story can be found in the Master Pieces anthology. He's also asked that we mention he's been "fried by a dragon for entertainment."

M.H. Norris (The Importance of Glass Slippers) is an experienced mystery writer. Her award-winning series, All The Petty Myths combines forensics and mythology; the first full-length novel is upcoming in Spring 2020.  Norris can also be found as co-host and co-producer on The Raconteur Roundtable, a popular podcast focused on in-depth, intimate interviews with authors, actors, and other creators.

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