Sunday, September 22, 2019


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It's time to come back around to the upcoming Chronosmith Chronicles and look at another of our returning characters, Kendo. First appearing in Seasons of War: Gallifrey, Kendo will join Savalia, Mordicai, and Tor Fasa in a completely new universe, saving the world their way... though what "their way" constitutes may take some figuring out between them.

Before starting her new life aboard the Hexachron, Kendo was a politician — not a particularly famous or highly regarded one, but one with big ideas and goals. Unfortunately, her eagerness to get her ideas heard was constantly at odds with her anxiety. On occasion this would simply mean she found it hard to speak her mind; at worst, she might make promises or plans beyond her capabilities, thinking it would help bolster her cause.

Kendo's life has been completely different to her cousin Savalia's. Where Savalia grew up in a small town with little to her name except tradition and work ethic, Kendo had a comfortable life in a big city. Nonetheless, she had both an understanding of and connection to Kendo's lifestyle, and much of her work in politics was devoted to tearing down misconceptions about the different classes of their world.

Surprisingly, especially to herself, Kendo often ends up being the diplomat of the Chronosmiths. She has neither the poise nor the exceptional abilities of Tor Fasa, but when in her element she excels at navigating dialogue with new people in new places. She tends to sell herself short on this point, especially when at her most high-strung, but the results show.

Amongst the group, Kendo is naturally most closely tied to Savalia, her one remaining family member. However, she has some degree of respect, and almost friendship, for Tor Fasa. In a different time she looked up to him because of his connections and the results his methods brought. Now that she is more aware of exactly what those methods are, she's slightly more hesitant to let herself be impressed by him. At the end of the day, the two are on a far more equal footing than she's ever likely to realize.

Stay tuned for more news about The Chronosmith Chronicles, its characters, and the writers who will be joining us for its first run!


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