Sunday, September 15, 2019

State of the Altrix: Our Master Pieces and Upcoming Adventures

It's time for a quick check-in behind the scenes! As ever, we appreciate the support, reviews, and contributions from our readers and writers.

First up, Master Pieces. We're currently getting one or two final pieces in place and edited. The cover has been drafted by Ginger Hoesly and is being finished up as we speak. We're looking forward to a cover reveal once it's done. From the line art alone, we can tell it's going to be a... well, you know.

Additionally, progress is being made behind the scenes on The Chronosmith Chronicles. A first draft of the first book by Paul Driscoll is done and about to enter editing mode, and the second book is well underway itself. The adventures of the Chronosmiths beyond their original dimension are already looking exciting!

Finally, don't forget we're editing one of the four upcoming essay anthologies from Watching Books! You Goes for the Remote will feature personal essays on British television throughout the decades. There are also books on British film, music, and books, if one of those catches your interest.

If you're looking for things to tide you over as you wait for Master Pieces:

  • Make sure to pick up your copy of Unearthed! And if you already have, we'd appreciate a review on GoodReads, Amazon, or your book review platform of choice. It helps get the word out!
  • Be sure to put in your pre-order for the Obverse Anniversary Sextet! The book series comes out next month and features new adventures from Iris Wildthyme, SeƱor 105, Faction Hollywood, and more, finished off with a new City of the Saved book by Kara Dennison!
  • Have a poke around Ginger's shop to pick up some of her work!


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