Monday, July 1, 2019

Outside the Altrix: Black Archive Bracket and Obverse Sextet!

As we work away on our various projects here at Altrix Books, we're also working away on things outside our own venue. Fans of Doctor Who, its expanded universe, and sci-fi in general will want to take note.

First off, the Black Archive Twitter account is currently running a "World Cup" style bracket, asking fans to narrow down their favorite of the critical Doctor Who line. With 32 titles in the series, the numbers are just right. Paul Driscoll's piece on The God Complex survived the very first round, but what's to come? Kara Dennison's Heaven Sent will be up eventually. Be sure to check out the Twitter account and vote for your favorites—remember, you're voting for the book itself, not the Doctor Who story!

And of course, vote for your actual favorites in the line... but if that happens to be one of ours, we thank you very much!

Speaking of Obverse, the publisher's anniversary Sextet series is now up for pre-order! Kara is behind Vanishing Tales of the City, the sixth installment in the Sextet and the line's tribute to Philip Purser-Hallard's City of the Saved series. Head over to Obverse Books to buy one or more of the books (we personally recommend all six... just trust us on this one)!

Thanks as always for everyone's support, and we look forward to having more news on upcoming titles to deliver soon!


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