Monday, July 8, 2019

Done Binge-Watching? Get Reading!

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While Paul has been putting the finishing touches on Master Pieces and Kara has been trying to keep up with all the new summer anime coming out, Netflix has put out the third season of Stranger Things. And if you're anything like most of the world (except Kara, who's lagging behind as usual), you're already done with the latest season of adventures.

If you're craving more... well, we can't help you there. We don't have those kinds of insider contacts. But if you're in a Stranger Things mood and feeling the urge to delve back into the very first season, let our own Paul Driscoll be your guide!

Stranger Things Book Cover

Paul has penned a Silver Archive entry for the beginning of the blockbuster show, exploring both the real and fictional elements that inspired the story of the weird events happening within Hawkins, Indiana.

The Silver Archive is a sister series to the well-received Black Archive: Obverse Books' series of critical monographs on Doctor Who stories, to which both Kara and Paul have contributed installments. The new series steps outside Who and its adjacent titles, applying the same style and variety of writing to the rest of the world of television.

So if you're craving a deeper look back at where Stranger Things began, be sure to grab a copy from Obverse! There are also volumes on Sapphire & Steel so far, as well as a Christmas compendium by Paul Magrs.

Meanwhile, work continues on Master Pieces as mentioned, and we look forward to offering you some previews of that—and other upcoming projects—in the not-too-distant future.


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