Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Eleanor's Tears: Chronosmith-Inspired Tea from Adagio!

Book 2 of The Chronosmith Chronicles, Eleanor's Tears, is now available in paperback and digital formats. If you know anything about book author and co-creator Kara Dennison, you know she likes tea a little. She entertained that hobby (is it even a hobby anymore?) in this latest book, and even more so.

The estate where Eleanor's Tears is set has a special tea blend that you won't find anywhere in the world... and that's probably a good thing. But in anticipation of the book release, Kara has come up with teas inspired by the characters from the series — and you can purchase them from Adagio!

Adagio Teas is a long-running tea maker with all sorts of blends for all sorts of tastes. Several years ago, they gave customers the option of making and sharing their own custom blends. A few creative sorts began making blends inspired by their favorite TV shows, along with custom labels. From there, Adagio became a major supporter of the fan community, and encourages and promotes "fandom" blends.

A fancy tea assortment

At the moment, there are six Chronosmiths blends, which you can order in sample sizes, 3 oz bags, or 5 oz tins. (Note that some products may be temporarily unavailable due to the holiday rush — just wait a bit and they'll be back!) You can get:

The Soldier-Poet: Classic and romantic but strong, like Savalia. A blend of Earl Grey, rose, and vanilla black teas.

The Engineer: Smoky, sweet, and with enough caffeine to keep Mordicai going. A blend of Lapsang, Irish Breakfast, chocolate, and a sprinkle of chocolate chips.

The Senator: A light and calming chamomile with fruit, perfect for Kendo. A blend of chamomile, white peach, and white peony teas.

The Super-Soldier: Mysterious and unique, like Tor Fasa. A blend of Pu-erh Dante and vanilla oolong with accents of cardamom.

The Detective: Strong, vintage, and down-to-earth, like Inspector Edensh. A blend of Irish Breakfast, Lapsang Souchong, and butterscotch black tea.

The Freelancer: Sweet and strong to get the job done, inspired by Tati Rhys. A breakfast tea base with chocolate, vanilla, and almond flavors and safflower accents.

Fandom blends can also be shipped with each other (in the romantic sense), meaning that ordering them together is worth your while. In our case, ordering Savalia and Mordicai teas together gets you a discount!

Also, Kara has foregone her loyalty points from orders of these blends — don't worry, she gets them in plenty of other ways — in order to donate a portion of the proceeds to charity. So a small portion of every Chronosmiths tea sale goes to Kara's personal charity of choice, the Epilepsy Foundation.

If you like these teas, have a look at the Total Party Wipe collection: a set of teas blended by Kara based on the Oxventure Dungeons & Dragons campaign, with label art by Ginger Hoesly! (Neither Kara nor Ginger has any official ties to Outside Xbox, Outside Xtra, or Gamer Network, and their cut of the proceeds goes to the charity Child's Play.)

Be sure to review the teas if you like them — and should you be interested in more (maybe a set for Aliens for Hire?), let us know!


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