Sunday, February 16, 2020

THE CHRONOSMITH CHRONICLES: 6 Facts about the Hexachron

The Chronosmith Chronicles will be reintroducing characters from one of our past charity novels in a whole new universe, as well as bringing in brand-new characters for both the long and short haul. But there's one more name to commit to memory: the Hexachron!

Time travel takes many forms in the new series, from actual crafts to personal devices, from stolen tech to science projects. But the Hexachron is a good old-fashioned space and time ship, with her own quirks. She may seem similar to certain other crafts, but there's plenty that sets her apart.

You'll witness the Hexachron in action in the upcoming After Vincent, but here are a few things to know to tide you over:

1. The "Hex" of "Hexachron" refers to the shape.

turned-on chandelier

The Chronosmiths' craft consistently has six sides inside and out, and is the size of a small hall. In other words, not infinite, but not a simple four-seater, either.

That's also why you'll see a hexagonal shape in the Chronosmith Chronicles logo: a reference to their ride.

2. There's nothing else in the universe like it.

snow covered mountain with aurora borealis

Well, not in this universe, at least. You'll see time travel devices of all shapes and sizes other than the Hexachron, but they all have a common origin. What it is, you'll have to wait and see... but it's completely alien (as it were) to the Chronosmiths.

3. There's (allegedly) a prison on board.

black window frame on dim light

What do the Chronosmiths need with a prison? We'll hopefully never have to find out. (Or maybe we hopefully will...)

4. It looks a bit like home.

grayscale photo of round stadium

Amongst the Hexachron's highly-customizable dimensions, there are at least two that are copied directly from the Chronosmiths' home planet. One is the main console room, which looks like the outdoor theatre where two of our heroes would meet regularly. The other, you'll have to wait and find out for yourself.

5. She's the "fifth Chronosmith."

selective focus photography of person holding lighted brown string light

We know our lineup is Mordicai, Savalia, Kendo, and Tor Fasa. But the Hexachron is just as much a part of the team. This is most evident to Mordicai — and while it can sometimes seem he's personifying her a bit more than is valid, there are some times when it's all but undeniable.

6. There are things about her even the Chronosmiths don't know.

open door beside white paint wall

You should probably know everything possible about your ride before getting in, but even the Chronosmiths' beloved Hexachron is hiding a few secrets. Readers may become privy to a few of them even before our heroes!

The first book of the series, After Vincent, will go on sale soon. How will the Chronosmiths and their Hexachron fare in a world where time travel is regulated and vigilantes need a license? Find out soon — keep an eye on the blog and our social media for announcements!


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