Sunday, June 16, 2019


This month saw the release of Watching Books’ One More Lifetime – the latest entry in the popular You and Who range. The collection includes reflective essays on every episode of Peter Capaldi’s tenure as the Doctor as well as a diverse range of miscellaneous pieces carried over from previous volumes and cancelled projects. It features a number of Altrix Books contributors and friends, including writer and artist Sophie Iles whose work graces the cover.

Plans are already afoot for a four volume follow up series in a similar vein, focusing on British entertainment.

You Goes to the Pictures (movies)
You Goes to the Library  (literature)
You Goes for a Song (music)
You Goes for the Remote (TV)  
Kara and Paul are delighted to be involved as editors of the TV book, and we are currently looking for essays. If there’s a British TV show that has special significance to you and your story (not necessarily a favourite, but something that had a profound effect on your life) we’d love to read about it. 

For details on how to submit to any of the four volumes, go to


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