Monday, March 25, 2019


As we continue to approach the first series of The Chronosmith Chronicles, we'll be popping in between book news and other business-y stuff to talk about the characters. Of course, the easiest way to meet them is by picking up one of the last few copies of Seasons of War: Gallifrey — but the book won't be required reading, as the new series will take the four leads off into a new universe.

Recently we talked about Mordicai, the engineer of the group. Today, we take a moment to talk about Savalia, the "soldier-poet."

Savalia is very much a mixed bag of characteristics. She values giving of what you have, thanks to her life in a poor village that focused heavily on hospitality. She's a lover of art, as well as a trained soldier. We knew when we created our team for Gallifrey that we wanted our soldier to be an artist of some sort, rather than having our muscle be an out-and-out brute.

As a character, Savalia was influenced somewhat by Lady Oscar from Rose of Versailles, a manga and anime series about the French Revolution. While Savalia never undergoes any confusion regarding her gender, we wanted her to have that same noble aesthetic, as well as a duty that is at odds with her love for Mordicai.

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So what does life in The Chronosmith Chronicles hold for Savalia? As before, she values love, hospitality, and protecting those she cares about above all else. Her relationship with Mordicai is a core aspect of the team, despite (perhaps slightly because of) their different philosophies when it comes to people and conflict.

She, and the rest of the Chronosmiths, will also be meeting new people who challenge their group structure. But you'll have to wait and see who they are. In the meantime, look forward to more about our heroes!


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