Sunday, February 24, 2019

UNEARTHED Artists: Meet Sophie Iles

As we've mentioned before, Unearthed will feature new art by guest illustrators for each of our stories. We previously featured Monica Marier, and will have one more artist (handling our cover and a piece of interior art) to show off in the near future. Today, we're spotlighting Sophie Iles, who joins Monica Marier in creating multiple interior art pieces for the book.

Doctor Who fans may recognized Sophie's art as it coincides with the classic series's runs on Twitch. She's also been creating artwork for all eras of the show and featuring it at conventions in the UK.

Recently, Sophie headed up publication of Mild Curiosities, a charity anthology centered on Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright. Her work can currently be seen on the cover of the anthology Defending Earth, now available for pre-order.

You can find out more about Sophie Iles on her website. Look forward to seeing her work, along with art from Monica Marier and the soon-to-be-featured Ginger Hoesly, in Unearthed this spring!


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