Sunday, January 13, 2019

UNEARTHED Update: Buried Treasures

Unearthed, our soon-to-be first release of 2019, is moving into its final stages before publication! We're looking forward to offering small samples of what's to come on our social media once orders open. For now, here's a look at where we stand:

The Stories

Save for one author with special dispensation due to extenuating circumstances, all stories are now in. Kara has been editing them and placing them in the full manuscript as they arrive, with a little shuffling around each other here and there as the completed anthology takes place.

Formatting and editing have been a very fluid process, meaning that once the final story is in, it can join the rest as soon as it's edited and formatted.

The Illustrations

As we've mentioned, Monica Marier and Sophie Iles will be creating illustrations for Unearthed, helping us cover the broad range of subject matter with their unique styles. They each have copies of the manuscript and are divvying up the stories. We've gotten in a couple of works-in-progress so far, and they're looking great!

The Cover

Ginger Hoesly will be handling our cover. She's been given the manuscript as well, and we're looking forward to hashing out something with her.

Getting It to You

Since we have readers on both sides of the Atlantic, we're looking for ways to make acquiring this book (and our others going forward) as simple, reliable, and affordable as possible. We'll be offering information as soon as we're ready to open orders!

Keep your eyes on our Facebook and Twitter for a taste of what's in store in the coming weeks!


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