Monday, September 3, 2018

UNEARTHED: Meet Our Authors!

From archaeologists to grave robbers, from legendary criminals to explorers, everyone wants to know: What's in the Box? And thanks to our intrepid authors and artists, we can finally find out.

Unearthed will be an anthology celebrating the magic, horror, and mystery that comes with human curiosity. Our creators are a mix of familiar faces, new talent, and experienced writers from multiple circles.

Authors confirmed for Unearthed:

James Bojaciuk
Keith DeCandido
Kara Dennison
Paul Driscoll
Richard Gurl
I. E. Kneverday
James K. Maddox
Michael O'Brien
John Peel
Meredith Peruzzi
Graham Tedesco-Blair
Sharyna Tran

With cover design by Ginger Hoesly and interior art by Sophie Iles and Monica Marier

The stories will cover a broad spectrum spanning genres. You'll cross paths with everyone from gentleman thief A.J. Raffles to the god of curiosity. Historical pieces muse on the Fort River Dam and the poetry of Longfellow. Explorations take us through dimensional portals and into outer space, and reexamine the fates of the King of Kings and the King of Knights. Resurrectionists make a "grave" mistake, an ancient game turns into a deadly meme, and competitive cooking goes off the rails with today's very special ingredient.

All proceeds for Unearthed will go to ARCE, the American Research Center in Egypt, which is devoted to preserving ancient Egyptian culture and supporting scholars and archaeologists.

Unearthed goes on sale in early 2019, with preorders set to open at a later date. Thank you for all your support — we look forward to opening the doors of Altrix Books' first anthology!